Palo Alto Garage Door Installation

Garage Doors Installation in Palo Alto

You probably don’t think about it much, but your garage door is a major part of your house. Not only does it protect valuable possessions like your car, bicycles, and tools, it also helps to insulate your Palo Alto house from the Bay Area heat and cold, and adds to the overall character and design of your home. When approaching your home from the front, the garage door is often the first, and always the biggest, thing that your neighbors and guests see.

That’s why, in addition to wanting a garage door that works well, you also need one that looks good. You will want a garage door that blends in to the design of your home, or ideally adds to its beauty and resale value.

But, like a lot of things designed to make your home more beautiful and functional, a garage door is also a difficult thing to install yourself. Garage doors are big and heavy and they require finely-tuned motors and moving parts to be in just the right places and positions in order to function properly. You could try to install one yourself, but it takes more than one person to lift, carry, and install the heavy and awkward door panels in the right places.

Home improvement enthusiasts have damaged and even destroyed their new garage doors in the process of trying to install them on their own, and cost themselves hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars in replacement garage door parts and repairs. Some people have even sustained major injuries because they didn’t handle a door panel or torsion spring properly.

Palo Alto Garage Door Installers

Palo Alto Garage Door Installers

That’s why it is so important to have your new garage door installed by professionals, like the experienced pros at the Garage Door Factory in Palo Alto. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, you won’t find a more dedicated and experienced garage door installation and repair company than the Garage Door Factory. With more than 25 years of garage door service, repair, and installation experience, our highly-trained technicians can install any type of garage door in your bay area home, whether or not you purchased your garage door from us.

If you need a new garage door, either because your old one has died, or because you are remodeling, or because you want to spruce your home up to sell it, we have a wide variety of garage door models, styles, and materials that we can install in your Bay Area home. Not only will we custom fit the door to your garage, but out design experts will ensure that the style, materials, and color complement your existing architecture perfectly. We can either match your old garage door, or install a new one that looks even better.

If you have already purchased a garage door from another company or from a home improvement store, we offer guaranteed professional installation. Our experienced installation technicians arrive with all of the tools and garage door parts they need to install your new doors quickly, correctly, and safely in one visit, so your garage door installation is as quick and convenient as possible.

If you have an existing garage door that needs service or repairs in Palo Alto or any part of Santa Clara County, we offer a full range of service and maintenance option, to repair your malfunctioning garage door, or to keep your garage door in good working order for longer.

Garage Door in Palo Alto

Garage Door in Palo Alto

If your garage door is stuck open, you want to get is closed as soon as possible to prevent the elements, thieves, and animals from getting into your garage. If your garage door is stuck shut, you want to get out and get to work or get your kids to school as soon as possible. That’s why we also offer emergency one hour service anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. If your garage door becomes stuck either up or down, we can repair it and have you back on your way in less than an hour. We carry all of the garage door parts we need in our trucks to complete any repair that we might face, which means fast, convenient service when you need it most.

If you’re not sure about having your garage door installed, repaired, or serviced by the Garage Door Factory, we offer free quotes for any job, with no obligation for you to accept the service. Our experienced garage door installation and maintenance technicians can quickly and accurately assess the time and materials that a job will require, so you can make an informed decision with an accurate quote.

While many people in the Bay Area enjoy DIY home improvement projects, even large ones, installing a garage door is not something you should attempt yourself. Garage doors are heavy, awkward, complicated, and expensive pieces of equipment. We have conducted repair jobs after homeowners have attempted to install a garage door on their own, and have caused damage not only to their garage door units, but also to their homes. We have even seen people injured when they handled garage door parts improperly. Although we employ highly trained and experienced professional garage door technicians, we offer very reasonable rates to inspect, install, maintain, or repair your garage door. By having your garage door installed professionally the first time, you will actually be saving money by not calling us after things go wrong.  More information is available here regarding San Jose garage door service.

Your garage door is an important part of your home and garage door installation should never be a headache.  When your friends or family pull up to your home the garage door is usually one of the first things they will notice. Having a beautiful, high-quality garage door is one of the most basic things that you can do to protect and beautify your home. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a garage door that is not only high-quality and beautiful, but also professionally installed by experienced technicians, like the ones at the Garage Door Factory.

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