Garage Door Service

Garage Door Installation in the San Francisco Area


Whether you are in need of a new garage door, or you have already purchased one that you need installed, the experienced professionals at the Garage Door Factory can quickly and thoroughly install your new garage door anywhere in the San Francisco area.


We carry a large selection of garage doors in different materials, colors, and styles. We can help you pick the best material to fit the style, climate exposure, and budget of your San Francisco home. We can even bring our show room to you, so that you can see the variety of garage door options available right in front of your San Francisco home.


High-grade aluminum garage doors are strong, durable, and low-maintenance. The Garage Door Factory carries high-grade aluminum garage doors in a wide variety of colors, from white polyester finished to black anodized and nearly any color in between. You can add light your garage and a touch of charm to your high-grade aluminum garage doors by adding glass panels in nearly any configuration. From a classic single row of paneled glass to a modern full glass garage door with aluminum frames, the Garage Door Factory can help you design a custom garage door to fit the unique conditions and style of your San Francisco home.


Carriage house garage doors swing out like a gate rather than rising like a curtain. They impart a classic look to any San Francisco home, and can be installed with automatic openers just like a traditional garage door. The Garage Door Factory carries a large selection of carriage house doors in a range of styles and materials. You can choose insulated door to save energy if you heat or cool your garage, or un-insulated to save on installation costs. We have a wide variety of stock styles, or you can design your own carriage house garage door. Carriage house garage doors have an unconventional look that will add a unique beauty and charm to your San Francisco area home.


Steel garage doors are an economical alternative to aluminum. Like aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors can be either insulted to keep your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer, or un-insulated to save on materials and installation costs. Steel garage doors are also available in a wide variety of colors and configurations to match the style and color of your San Francisco home. You can choose to have window panels installed to allow more light into your garage, and even have wood grains stamped into the steel garage door surface with a high definition grain stamp.


The Garage Door Factory has been selling and installing garage doors in the San Francisco bay area since 1984. In more than 25 years, we have installed garage doors in a wide variety of different homes and different configurations. We employ experienced salespeople who can help you select the perfect material, color, and configuration for your new garage door. We employ professional installation technicians who will install your new garage door quickly and expertly, so that you don’t need to worry about your garage door opening once the installation is complete.


Garage Door Repair in the San Jose Area


Like any mechanical device, garage doors require routine maintenance and occasional repairs. After years (and sometimes decades) of use, garage doors can break down or become damaged for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, the Garage Door Factory employs experienced professional garage door technicians who are capable of quickly diagnosing and completely repairing almost any garage door problem that you are likely to encounter in the San Jose area.


The various springs that connect your garage door to the track and motor can wear out over many years of continuous use. After being extended and compressed over and over again for years, springs can stretch out or even break due to metal fatigue. Stretched springs can take longer to pull open, requiring your garage door motor to work harder to open the door. Broken springs can make the garage door impossible to open at all. The Garage Door Factory service vehicles carry a full selection of standard garage door springs, making replacement quick and easy to ensure the continued operation of your San Jose garage door.


The track that your garage door runs on can be thought of as one long moving part. Because the track wheels have to roll smoothly through the tracks, they need to be well lubricated. Unfortunately, that lubricant attracts dust and debris, which can gum up the lube and even block the track. Not only can the gummed-up lubrication cause your garage door mechanism to be quite loud as it operates, but it can also wear down the motor and even cause the gear wheels to jam. Regular track maintenance by one of the Garage Door Factory’s expert garage door technicians can keep your San Jose garage door operating smoothly for years.


Dents in garage door panels, either from weather or impacts, can ruin your garage door’s appearance, reducing the appeal of your San Jose home. Deep enough dents can even cause difficulties in opening your garage door. Whether you need to replace your entire garage door due to a significant collision, or a single panel with a minor dent, the expert garage door technicians at the Garage Door Factory can perform minor dent repairs or major replacements quickly and easily, to restore your San Jose home to its original beauty.


Regular preventative maintenance to the springs and moving parts of your garage door will help keep it in good working order for years or even decades. The experts technicians at the Garage Door Factory know what to look for and how to repair any garage door configuration in San Jose. Call them today to keep your garage door running.